Integrated Housing Solutions

A Competitive Advantage

Integrated Housing Solutions provides a complete spectrum of pre-construction planning and development services for high-quality multifamily and senior living communities targeting various income levels. The company principals identify the most promising opportunities and provide a competitive advantage with their in-depth knowledge of the initial site selection, planning, regulatory requirements, financing options, and development process for both market rate and affordable housing.

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Knowledge is Power

Early identification of opportunities, a keen understanding of market differentiation, and the ability to tailor product types to optimize a site’s potential provide Integrated Housing Solutions with a winning edge. The company facilitates the planning and development process by partnering effectively with key stakeholders and regulators, including local governments, public housing authorities, nonprofits, and community organizations. Integrated Housing Solutions is able to secure scarce sources of public and quasi-public financing such as Housing Tax Credits and has extensive expertise in financing real estate developments using transitional equity, taxable and tax-exempt bond financing, conventional, and federally insured mortgage debt.

Integrated Real Estate Group DIVISIONS

Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Integrated Housing Solutions is one of four divisions that comprises Integrated Real Estate Group – an award-winning company headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area providing development, architectural, engineering, construction, and property management services for multifamily and senior living communities across the South Central United States. The synergistic competencies of the Integrated Housing Solutions, Integrated Construction & Development, Integrated Senior Lifestyles, and Integrated Property Management divisions have allowed Integrated Real Estate Group to successfully acquire, design, build, and operate more than 15,000 senior living and multifamily units with over $1 billion in development costs, while maximizing efficiency, and shrinking timelines and costs.

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